[Marxism] MDC weaknesses

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Louis Proyect wrote:

Odd that James Daly--a sharp critic of Sinn Fein--would get suckered by
an article that begins with a quote by the Gerry Adams of South Africa.


I was not "suckered" (ad hominem?) by the article. It was not about Mbeki's 
record in South Africa, nor about Mugabe's in Zimbabwe. It was about the 
true perception, I think, that the kind of regime overthrow in Zimbabwe, by 
force and by well rehearsed and ongoing destabilisation campaigns paid for 
by the US and its Foundations, which we have seen in Georgia, Yugoslavia and 
elsewhere would enormously strengthen the forces of imperialism throughout 
the world. It is the only kind of regime overthrow which is being planned 
there, and will involve the imperialist grabbing ("privatisation") of all 
the nation's resources.

While it and the regime overthrow in Iran are being prepared, I cannot 
understand how a Marxism list is welcoming only to criticisms of the 
regimes, often paid for by the aforementioned funds.

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