[Marxism] MDC weaknesses

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The "list" such as it is, doesn't exclude things, a priori, based on subject 
heading or political position (except for the Stalin/Trotsky debate).  So 
there have numerous postings not just defending Zimbabwe from UN 
intervention, but collapsing that defense with defense of Mugabe.

That conflation has been challenged, by many.

A position that supports UN sanctions  has been expressed by only 1 or 2 
individuals, and that too has not gone unchallenged.

The late Mark Jones disagreed with about everything I said, and vice-versa. 
But, I wrote on one occassion, if Savimbi had won in Angola, and if 3 years 
after that he fell out with his imperialist sponsors, even if it was over 
his simple greed to claim more of the mineral wealth as his own, and if 
those sponsors then called for sanctions or fielded a force to overthrow 
Savimbi, we, as Marxists would oppose those sanctions and that field force 
without changing our analysis and opposition to Savimbi one bit.   Mark 
wrote me to say that he found that our agreement on that position to be 
worth more than all the strenuous disagreements we had.

Same thing with Nestor.  He and I disagree almost always.   One thing we 
absolutely agreed upon was the need to oppose any UN/US military venture in 
Myanmar under the mask of humanitarianism.  Doesn't change our other 
disagreements; doesn't change the nature of the Myanmar regime.

We have to avoid all illusions-- one that there is such a thing as 
"apolitical" humanitarianism that motivates capital and agents; and another 
that capitalist attacks mean that there is not, indeed, a real revolutionary 
struggle to be waged against those who have fallen out of favor.

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