[Marxism] Fidel Castro: The McCain Tour and the Manifest Destiny of the U.S. Fourth Fleet

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 2 11:55:40 MDT 2008


Let's look at reality.  What has been the history of the Democratic Party 
regarding every "progressive" movement in the past 60 years?  To deflect it, 
to undercut it, to weaken it by recuperation.  To prevent that movement from 
developing into a movement with a class based perspective by presenting a 
"liberal" alternative.

And where does the Democratic Party look for votes to maintain and support 
that liberal illusion?  Organized labor, unorganized labor, 
African-Americans-- kind of a base for the class-based movement that must 
break itself away from this bit and saddle.

That's why more criticism is directed towards Obama, or Kerry, as their 
goals are quite simply to disable any movement that goes beyond the pledge 
of allegiance.

If you post articles against McCain as the main enemy-- well you're using a 
single source, and that tends to give others the impression that you don't 
really do all that much thinking for yourself.

One more thing, this "main danger" or "main enemy" crap is the same old, 
same old that the CP harpists plucked on for years.  If that's what you 
intend, then why not just come right out and endorse Obama over the main 
enemy, the main danger? 

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