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Guten Tag Louis Proyect,

am Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008 um 14:44 schrieben Sie:

>> By Sehlare Makgetlaneng*
>> June 10, 2008
>>   "The fight against Zimbabwe is a fight against us all. Today it is
>> Zimbabwe, tomorrow it will be South Africa, it will be Mozambique, it will
>> be Angola, it will be any other African country. Any government that is
>> perceived to be strong, and to be resistant to imperialists, would be made a
>> target and be undermined. So let us not allow any point of weakness in the
>> solidarity of the SADC, because that weakness will also be transferred to
>> the rest of Africa."
>> -Thabo Mbekii(1)

 Morgan Tsvangirai has called for foreign, especially imperialist
 powers to have a decisive say about which government the people of
 Zimbabwe might chose. He has made himself into a stooge of the the
 campaign spearheaded by Bernard Kouchner for the abolishment of the
 sovereignty of the former colonies.

 The editorial of my local daily newspaper proclaimed that the African
 governments and heads of state have now a wonderful opportunity to
 declare themselves against one of them -- and to be the Oncle Toms of
 their former colonial masters, I added in clarification.

 I consider Mr. Tsvangirai as an enemy. Remind you: I have learned my
 staunch opposition against colonialism from the Angolans, even before
 I knew anything of Vietnam.

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