[Marxism] MDC weaknesses

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Thu Jul 3 03:35:37 MDT 2008

Guten Tag Louis Proyect,

am Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2008 um 00:51 schrieben Sie:

> The real conflict that interests us is between ZANU-PF and the 
> working class.

  The real conflict here is between the people of Zimbabwe -- the
  whole nation, all classes -- and Imperialism which tries to put the
  African nations again under its heel.

>  We take the side of the working class and the 
> political parties and grass roots organizations that fight on their 
> behalf. 

  This, especially that with the "grass roots organisations that fight
  on their behalf" is the wide open path which people like Joschka
  Fischer and Bernard Kouchner have walked to become the foreign
  ministers of their respective imperialist bourgeoisies, promoting
  the recolonisation of the former colonies and fighting wars for
  "humanitarian imperialism". Especially the war(s) against Jugoslavia
  had been fought "on behalf" of the "poor oppressed people" of Bosnia
  or Kosovo. The wide open path of "internationalist solidarity" with
  those seen as being oppressed within the nations oppressed and
  exploited by colonialism and neo-colonialism turned out to be the
  slippery slope into the bed of serving the main oppressor.

  It was only logical, that Bernard Kouchner of "Doctors without
  borders" fame, who had been the vice-roy of the imperialist
  coalition in Kosovo, then sent "aid" to Myanmar with a war ship full
  of fighting troops, as if humanity hadn't known the famous Danaen present, the Trojan Horse.

  Morgan Tsvangirai has vacillated between taking part in the
  election, and opposing them, calling for imperialism to have a
  decisive say over Zimbabwe. In the end, he made himself the stooge
  of imperialist intervention, rejecting even the call of the African
  Union of a government of national unity.

  And imperialist propaganda has continued on the line which the
  former US-war minister Rumsfeld proclaimed for his opposition to the
  shift to the left in Latin America: elections are shit, because the
  outcome is not always in the interests of the imperialist masters.

  We should not forget that Tsvangirais party has won a majority of
  the seats in the Zimbabwean parliament, and that Mugabe has
  recognised that by announcing talks about a unity government based
  on that "cohabitation" as the French call that (who often hat in
  their Fifth Republic a president and a parliamentary majority of
  opposing camps).

  One should also note that the participation in the run-off
  presidential elections last Friday was very low, less than 50%.

  The main thing is to prevent wide scale infighting as happened in
  Kenia, and an imperialist intervention.

  Let's work together for that.

Comradely yours,
Lüko Willms
mailto:lueko.willms at t-online.de

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