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Luko wrote:
Morgan Tsvangirai has vacillated between taking part in the
  election, and opposing them, calling for imperialism to have a
  decisive say over Zimbabwe. In the end, he made himself the stooge
  of imperialist intervention, rejecting even the call of the African
  Union of a government of national unity.

  And imperialist propaganda has continued on the line which the
  former US-war minister Rumsfeld proclaimed for his opposition to the
  shift to the left in Latin America: elections are shit, because the
  outcome is not always in the interests of the imperialist masters.

This version of Tsvangirai does not take account of some of the facts, which
I think we should always be open to, leaving aside demagogy. The implication
is clear that Tsvangirai withdrew from the elections at the insistence of
his imperialist masters, who opposed the vote because Mugabe was going to
win it fair and square.

And the comparison with Latin America is a downright insult to Paraguay,
Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Ecuador (and one could even
stretch a bit and include Brazil) that have elected governments which aim to
defend and assert national sovereignty or make urgently needed social

Here is a clipping with one fact about the Zimbabwe elections:

Morgan Tsvangirai Arrested Yet Again 

SW Radio Africa (London)

14 June 2008 
Posted to the web 14 June 2008 

MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai and 11 other members of his election campaign
team were again detained by police and members of the Central Intelligence
Organisation just after 10:00 am on Saturday at a road block outside
Shurungwi, in the Midlands province. They were then taken to Shurugwi police

In a statement released on Saturday the MDC said It was clearly impossible
to talk about free and fair election in Zimbabwe and to suggest otherwise is
to be clearly blind to the grave harassment, intimidation and violence that
the people of Zimbabwe have had to endure over the past few years. 

The statement went on to commend the resolve of the Zimbabwean people and
called on SADC leaders to act on the current crisis in the country. 

"The determination and resolve of the people of Zimbabwe to build a new and
prosperous Zimbabwe surely has to be complemented by decisive leadership
from SADC. The people of Zimbabwe have done, and are still doing all they
can to finish off the era of dictatorship, and define a new destiny of the
country, a destiny of peace, jobs, health care and general prosperity. This
harassment of the leadership and the people of Zimbabwe must stop," the
statement said. 

The arrest on Saturday is the third time the MDC leader has been detained
since Thursday and many believe it is the intention of the police and
security forces in Zimbabwe to intimidate and pressure the MDC into a
Government of National Unity with Robert Mugabe as its head. (end clip)

Then there are such facts as violent attacks on MDC headquarters and

Secondly, it is not accurate to suggest that Tsvangirai has rejected the
proposals for a joint government with ZANU. In fact he has proposed Mugabe
as president for life. 

The difference between the first election and this one seems to be that
Mugabe's political machine asserted itself, fearing that his departure would
lead to its disintegration. 

I think it is a big mistake to prettify the electoral process that went down
here, regardless of the role of imperialism which can be condemned and
opposed regardless. Frankly, I don't think Tsvangirai can be condemned from
outside for pulling out of the election. If there are domestic oppositional
forces who think this was wrong (the ISO, etc) I would like to hear there
assessment. But it is false to suggest that he short-circuited a genuinely
democratic process because it was going the imperialists' way.

As for Louis' attempt to compare the expropriation of the white farmers with
forced collectivization in the Soviet Union, it won't fly. Restoring the
land to the colonial-settlers will be a purely reactionary development, and
a blow to aspirations for the land in South Africa, Kenya, etcetera. To
substitute for this fact generalities about agricultural development is a
big political mistake.
Fred Feldman

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