[Marxism] MDC weaknesses

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 3 08:06:39 MDT 2008

LW writes:

 "The real conflict here is between the people of Zimbabwe -- the whole 
nation, all classes -- and Imperialism which tries to put the  African 
nations again under its heel."

First off, this variation on a theme "the main contadiction is between 
imperialist and oppressed nations"  is used by some, if not many, as a 
mantra-- lacking meaning in and of itself it gains significance through 
repetition, through tone.  LW needs to show exactly how the whole nation, 
all classes are in contradiction to international capitalism.

But more than a religious intonation, this phrase should lead one to just 
the opposite conclusion about Zimbabwe from what LW intends, for indeed it 
certainly looks and sounds like all classes, the whole nation is involved in 
opposition to the ZANU-PF.  Mugabe may use nationalist rhetoric, rhetoric 
equally comfortable in the mouth of monarchists, corporate-state-ists, 
national socialists, populists, "radical" capitalists and small capitalists, 
militarists, etc. etc. but that doesn't mean Mugabe or ZANU-PF has since 
assuming power, will in the future, or even has the ability to oppose 
advanced capitalism.  Certainly, a close examination of Zimbabwe's economic 
history will show that ZANU-PF has not done anything to separate Zimbabwe 
from the tides of the world market.

So we need to ask-- are there real, material, economic determinants for the 
movement against ZANU-PF?  Are those economic determinants the product of 
ZANU-PF administration and execution of a national capitalist program which 
inevitably requires, at different moments and often at the same time, 
compliance with international capitalism and a rhetoric of opposition to 
international capitalism when the very actions taken produce misery and 

We can ask this another way:  is there a basis for a real social revolution 
in Zimbabwe?  Clearly the answer is yes.  Does support of ZANU-PF advance 
that revolution?  No.  Does support of UN sanctions advance that revolution? 
No.  Does ZANU-PF offer in any way, shape, or form  prospects for resolving 
the economic contradictions which form the basis for social revolution?  No. 
Does the movement in Zimbabwe against the policies of the ZANU-PF present an 
opportunity to develop the actions, program, and class organization 
necessary for the resolution of those contradictions?  Yes.

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