[Marxism] MDC weaknesses

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 3 08:52:44 MDT 2008

Néstor Gorojovsky wrote:
> a) The "native bourgeoisie" in Spain was and is an imperialist
> bourgeoisie in its own right, unless we believe the Stalinist (sorry
> to boomerang the argument on you) idea that a West European
> bourgeoisie could be anything but essentially imperialist in the
> 1930s. 

I am really not sure what point you are trying to make. But for 
clarity's sake, let's look at China in the 20s and 30s--a true colonized 
country. Trotsky advocated the creation of a class-independent movement 
against both the imperialist bourgeoisie and the KMT, which was China's 
ZANU-PF. I believe that Trotsky's approach was correct even if he had a 
poor understanding of exactly how a revolutionary movement in China 
could be created.

Right now there is an extremely important development on the left in 
Zimbabwe. It is locked in a struggle with Mugabe. Our purpose should be 
to build ties with revolutionary socialists everywhere in the world even 
when their government is being demonized in the Western press.

There was no country on earth that Trotsky was more vigorous in his 
defense of than the USSR, but he never remained silent about the crimes 
of its government.

I am afraid that the instinct to defend Mugabe against imperialism is 
inadequate. We also have to connect with the Marxists in Zimbabwe who 
are in the trenches against him. That is why I hail the Greenleft's 
publication of their articles. That is true internationalism. We on 
Marxmail have to follow their example, not that of the degraded bloggers 
and "left" journalists who continue to act as if Mugabe was Zimbabwe's 
Che Guevara.

> What we have in Zimbabwe is an unfinished national revolution, and I
> would even add that it is a national revolution that has been
> jeopardized by the leadership of the ZANU front itself. But even under
> this condition, dear Louis, no "worldwide movement of revolutionary
> socialism" will ever be built by siding (either without any intention,
> of course) with imperialism against any fraction of the national
> movement. 

If I come across anybody who is siding with imperialism against Mugabe, 
I will be sure to beat him or her around the head and shoulders. If that 
means that I am crossing class lines in your eyes when I post material 
here calling attention to the Zimbabwe cops tearing down the homes of 
700,000 poor people, then I guess we have profound political differences.

> And I don't know what do the ISO
> people think about imperialist intervention in Zimbabwe, in its ACTUAL
> form, namely the attack on the Mugabe regime.

You seem to have an aversion to reading their literature, it would seem. 
Are you afraid that you will end up like Christopher Hitchens or 
something? They are actually quite radical, I promise you. Here, let me 
repeat what they wrote so that you can sleep soundly tonight:

"And thus from Poland to Serbia to Zambia to Zimbabwe, these middle
classes became the midwives who delivered the militant and rising but
trusting and ideologically immature working-class movement into the
arms of the neo-liberal forces."

Get it, Nestor? Poland? Serbia? These are not people who are for 
Soros-styled "democratic revolutions". Maybe we can get in touch with 
them and extract a vow that they are telling the truth and not just 
writing things to cover their left flank.

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