[Marxism] Now that I know...

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 3 09:04:15 MDT 2008

Néstor Gorojovsky wrote:
> 2008/7/3, james daly <james.irldaly at ntlworld.com>:
>>  So now that the ISO has belatedly figured out that the MDC is
>>  dominated by "capitalist and Western elites" and will likely pursue "a
>>  neoliberal capitalist agenda," what does it recommend radicals and
>>  working people in Zimbabwe do?
>>  Unconditionally support Tsvangirai. Yes, that's right. "The ISO…has
>>  now modified its position to call for unconditional but fraternally critical
>>  support to Tsvangirai." [12]
> If this is true, I am afraid that the position of the ISO has little
> chances to win the souls of the Zimbabwean people to socialism. If
> this is true, I am afraid, the ISO is becoming one of the main
> obstacles for the establishment of a Zimbabwean section of a worldwide
> network of revolutionary socialists. If this is true, the ISO will be
> remembered (if ever) in the annals of Zimbabwean history as just
> another group who sided with the imperialists. And in the annals of
> socialism as just another group that discredited socialism as
> "eurocentric" and thus carried water to the "native bourgeoisies'"
> bucket in the Third World.

This is Daly's citation of the atrocious article written by Stephen 
Gowans. Poor Daly seems to lack the interest or motivation to explain 
his support for Gowans's adulation of Mugabe. I find that rather 
irresponsible politically myself.

The ISO did at one point support Tsvangirai but dropped their support 
after he veered to the right.

Nestor seems rather perturbed by this and would have preferred that they 
oppose Tsvangirai even when he gave them no reason to, maybe even before 
he was born. This kind of tactical inflexibility smacks of the idealism 
of small, sectarian groups and I am happy that the ISO disdains the kind 
of purism that has reduced most Trotskyist groups to the margins of 
political life.

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