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Nestor, the reference was given in the full article (on A-list). It is:



The ISO, in view of MDC’s massive performance in the March parliamentary and 
presidential elections and the desire of many Zimbabweans to vote, has now 
modified its position to call for unconditional but fraternally critical 
support to Tsvangirai.

Our criticism is what we perceive as the increasing domination of the party 
leadership by capitalist and Western elites and the marginalisation of 
workers and radicals. This will lead to its likely pursing a neoliberal 
capitalist agenda if it assumes power, to the detriment of working people. 
And secondly its disastrous strategy of relying on the electoral route 
rather than mass action. But the Mugabe regime is driving us into hell and 
the people need some breathing space [government byTsvangirai ? -- J. D.] in 
order to reorganise and resume our battle for real democracy and against the 
capitalist and imperialist bloodsuckers.

We therefore urge all our members, supporters, allies and working people in 
general to defy the regime’ intimidation and go out and vote in the election 
for Tsvangirai.


[The same statement included the following:

"A radio report on Power FM quoted Mugabe declaring at a rally -- ``If you 
thought Hitler is gone, then you are mistaken, because Hitler is not only 
back but back here in Zimbabwe.’’ "

Apparently they could not understand the saeva indignatio behind the irony. 
It is the same kind of irony as is expressed by Irish political prisoners 
who proudly call themselves felons because that was a term of abuse bestowed 
by the Brititish.]


Does the Zimbabwean struggle suffer from the same problem as the Irish one 
suffered the whole of the 20th century: division, deriving from inability to 
see the unity of the class and the national question? The country people 
there seem to back Mugabe because they want the land for the people, while 
the working-class seem prepared to accept MDC's pro-imperialism while they 
fight for social democracy within it.

I still think the imperialist funding of destabilisation campaigns amounts 
to a form of cold but real war. -- J. D.

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