[Marxism] Now that I know...

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 3 11:10:57 MDT 2008

james daly wrote:
> We therefore urge all our members, supporters, allies and working people in 
> general to defy the regime’ intimidation and go out and vote in the election 
> for Tsvangirai.

Of course, James neglects to point out that he learned of this quote 
from Stephen Gowans's diatribe against the ISO and all other enemies of 
Mugabe. Here's Gowans's conclusion:

"The battle in Zimbabwe today is between the democracy of popular land 
ownership and self-rule and the dictatorship of rule by outsiders 
working through proxies; between the justice of Zimbabweans reclaiming 
the land that was stolen from them and the injustice of sanctions; 
between the right of struggle for national independence and the wrong of 
neocolonial oppression."

It is too bad that James is too demure to state his obvious sympathy for 
Gowans's analysis overall. This is the same Gowans who once wrote:

"The anti-Mugabe screed is a replay of the Trotskyite narrative about 
pure revolutionaries opposing a revolution that has been hijacked and 
betrayed by an unworthy power-mad monster (Stalin being the Trotskyites' 
archetype.) In this view, all revolutions are corrupt and must be 
overthrown – that is, all but the one that will never happen.

"Trotskyites have always been useful to Washington and London: many are 
reliably against the same revolutions (though for different reasons), 
and therefore serve the useful function of whittling away at left support."

Full: http://www.raceandhistory.com/Zimbabwe/2007/0804.html

Stalintern indeed.

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