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> Camaradas:
> I want to buy three or four key books or writings by "Che" Guevara in Amazon or Alibris.com.
> Can cdes recommend three key books/writings/speeches by Che that I should at minimum have in my library?
> Since I am bilingual, Span or English will do.

In my view, Che's major contribution was that he provided an answer to
the question "Why join the side of the oppressed?" He tried to provide
an answer based on human solidarity.  (In this sense, his work has
affinities with that of Rosa Luxemburg.)

For this reason, rather than his technical writings, I would recommend
the more philosophical writings from the latter part of his life.


 El socialismo y el hombre en Cuba. (1965)

Mensaje a los pueblos del mundo a traves de la Tricontinental.  (1967)

Both are available via

R. Critic

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