[Marxism] The ’60s Begin to Fade as Liberal Pr ofessors Retire

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 3 16:39:28 MDT 2008

At 06:32 PM 7/3/2008, you wrote:
>The '60s Begin to Fade as Liberal Professors Retire
>July 3, 2008
>The '60s Begin to Fade as Liberal Professors Retire
>MADISON, Wis. — When Michael Olneck was standing, arms linked with
>other protesters, singing "We Shall Not Be Moved" in front ofColumbia
>University's library in 1968, Sara Goldrick-Rab had not yet been born.

This article doesn't address the real change taking place, which is 
the replacement of tenured professors my age with adjuncts who will 
very likely never be tenured. Not having tenure makes it very 
difficult to hold outspoken positions. If the university faculty 
becomes less radical, it will be because of this rather than a 
changing political mood, although this is a factor as well. 

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