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On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 10:32 AM, Néstor Gorojovsky <nmgoro at gmail.com> wrote:

>  But I know that wherever I might be on these issues, the main
> question is "What did you do against imperialism when they attacked
> your own Third World Country's sovereignty, dad?"

In regard to this issue, it is helpful to think of Trotsky's comments,
during his Mexican exile, to an Argentinian journalist, Mateo Fossa,
on September 23, 1938 (_Writings of Leon Trotsky, 1938-39_, Pathfinder
Press, 2nd.ed, 1974, pp. 31-36).

Trotsky said:

"I will take the most simple and obvious example. In Brazil there now
reigns a semifascist regime that every revolutionary can only view with
hatred. Let us assume, however, that on the morrow England enters into a
military conflict with Brazil.I ask you on whose side of the conflict will
tha working class be? I will answer for myself personally --  in this case I
will be on the side of 'fascist' Brazil against 'democratic' Great
Britain. Why? Because in the conflict between them it will not be a
question of democracy or fascism. If England should be victorious, she
will put another fascist in Rio de Janeiro [Brasilia became capital city
in 1960 -- Ruthless Critic] and will place double chains on Brazil. If
Brazil on the
contrary should be victorious, it will give a mighty impulse to national
and democratic consciousness of the country and will lead to the overthrow
of the Vargas dictatorship".

R. Critic

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