[Marxism] REBELION: The FARC had Already Expressed Willingness to Liberate the Hostages

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 3 19:13:21 MDT 2008

Were I to express personalized estimates of those whose
views I don't agree with, it would become difficult to
maintain the kind of decorum needed to try to conduct
useful political dialogue. Less verbal abuse and more
political clarity would improve the environment here.f

Much more importantly, I've said more than once in
previous discussions of Colombia, as was the case both
in South Africa and Ireland, that the revolutionary
forces were too never strong enough to win militarily,
yet too strong to be defeated militarily. That is why
the South Africans and the Irish finally negotiated an
end to their armed struggles. It's obvious that similar
circumstances apply in Colombia, only now the situation
is far more disadvantageous to the FARC as well as to
the ELN. The Cubans have for a long time advocated the
resolution of the Colombian situation through a process
of negotiations, which could well have led to a better
outcome than what seems likely in this circumstance.
It's not necessary to repeat the same thing over and
over and over again. 

Here's one item I linked to Marxmail two weeks ago:

Joaquin is welcome to take offense at any political views
with which he disagrees. There's no reason go do that, in
my opinion. I simply hold another point of view. There's
far too much nasty vindictiveness practiced here anyway.

Walter Lippmann
Seattle, Washington

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>I found the Machetera piece not just disappointing, but offensive, and
>Walter's sending it to this list without even the slightest attempt to
>differentiate himself from it another example of his disappointing
>political evolution.

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