[Marxism] Environmental Activists' Conference Adelaide, October 10-11, 2008

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"Climate Emergency - No More Business as Usual!"
Adelaide, Australia, October 10-11, 2008

Currently confirmed speakers include: David Spratt, author of Climate
Code Red;  Dr Mark Diesendorf, Institute of Environmental Studies,
University of NSW; Professor Barry Brook, Director, Research Institute
for Climate Change and Sustainability, University of Adelaide;  Renfrey
Clarke,  Green Left Weekly environment correspondent 

The Environmental Activists' Conference "Climate Emergency - No More
Business as Usual" will be held from Friday 10 October to Saturday 11
October 2008. The conference is designed to provide an open forum for
education, ideas, solidarity and campaigning perspectives on how to
avert the global warming threat. It aims to initiate wide-ranging
discussion that will include exchanges between climate scientists and
educators, activists and community organisations, environmental groups
and concerned individuals.
Existing climate change policy has lagged behind the emergency the world
faces. Vested interests stand in the way of climate sustainability, and
have to be confronted. To effect change, the broadest possible alliance
for social justice and climate sustainability must be formed. The
Environmental Activists' Conference "Climate Emergency - No More
Business as Usual" will consider practical alternatives to the
now-lethal "business as usual" approach. We invite you to participate.
Despite the enormity of the global warming danger, effective change is
still possible. Carbon reduction mechanisms, renewable energy
technologies, clean industrial practices and forms of economic and
social organisation compatible with a sustainable world already exist or
can be created. While some progress has been made toward implementing
sustainable energy policies and reducing energy demand, these measures
remain drastically inadequate and under-resourced.
The conference will include plenary sessions and workshops addressing
the following themes: 

* This is an Emergency - An Introduction to the Real Science of Global

* Why not business as usual?

* Ways Forward - Offering Directions

* Let’s get active! What can we do Locally, Nationally, Globally? and
* Beyond Business as Usual


There will be two banks of workshops, run by teachers and community
groups on the workshop sub-themes:
1. “Why not business as usual?”

Implications and effects of the science

Challenging vested interests and barriers

The politics of education (with a focus on the environment)

Students as maintainers of the status quo or agents of change?

2. “Let’s get active! What can we do locally, nationally, globally?”

Developing school students as environmental activists

How do we organize/educate for change?

What are we actually doing now - stories from the teachers and community

Political Activism

 Teachers, academics, community and environmental groups are invited to
provide 100-200 word descriptors of proposed workshops addressing the
workshop sub–themes. Please include details of the space, layout and
equipment needs. Workshops should be educative, and where possible
should share resources and stories of successful teaching practice
and/or campaigns. To submit a proposal for a workshop, please e-mail
lhall at aeusa. asn.au. To join the list of sponsors of the conference
email jennbain at internode.on.net  or ruth_ratcliffe at yahoo.com
Endorsed by: Australian Education Union (SA-NT Branch), Ecosocialist
Network, Green Left Weekly.  

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