[Marxism] The next logical step for Obama: McCain for Vice President!

Jerry Wells jeremy at infowells.com
Thu Jul 3 23:38:19 MDT 2008

FYI- The first article below prompted my comment in Letters 7/4/08:

Given Obama’s mad rush to the “center” (i.e., right), the next step is
obvious. McCain should be Obama’s vice president! This would be a simple
solution for everyone in power, Democrats and Republicans, and their
corporate masters.

Obama’s patriotism tour: the last refuge of a Democratic scoundrel
By Bill Van Auken
2 July 2008

"Barely one month after sealing his victory in the primaries and with
four months to go before the general election, the Democratic Party’s
presumptive presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has embarked on
a campaign swing that has the declared aim of proving his patriotism.

In practice, this exercise in self-abasement before the political right
is aimed not at winning votes from the Republican Party, but rather at
establishing Obama’s credentials with the constituency that the junior
senator from Illinois values most: America’s corporate and financial
Obama continues lurch to the right on Iraq war and militarism
By Bill Van Auken
4 July 2008


The embrace of key elements of the Republican agenda and jettisoning of
positions that he advanced during his “Change you can believe in”
primary campaign have become a daily routine, as the Democratic Party’s
presumptive presidential candidate Barack Obama carries out a dizzying
turn to the right.

In speeches and press appearances on Wednesday and Thursday, Obama
continued to identify his campaign with support for American militarism,
while backing away from his primary-campaign pledge to withdraw US
combat forces from Iraq based on a definite timetable.

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