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Dear Lou,

Your increasingly bitter ad hominems, and your third person reference to me 
in a post to someone else as "poor Daly", have joined other factors which 
have made me feel most unwelcome on the list for a long time. An earlier 
third person reference was to my alleged theocracy (no evidence given). I 
did not think even off-list condolences on your mother's death would be 

The angel with a fiery sword has now demanded my credentials. I didn't think 
they were necessary... but here goes.

I would call myself a Marxist (among other things), but I am not a 
Trotskyist, nor a Stalinist, nor a Maoist -- nor a Council Communist, 
Frankfurt School-er etc. etc. But I reserve the human and rational right to 
(very fallibly) criticise them and all others claiming to be Marxists.

I believe (sic) that no one has a complete answer which would be the 
scientific truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, pointing 
scientifically to "the next step" in a unilinear progress in enlightenment. 
Reality is just too vast and complex and we only have partial insights, and 
many attempts at enlightenment. There is one "right" thing to do *only* when 
there is no good alternative. In general we should be looking for 
enlightenment as to good things to do -- not the "right" thing.

I have posted material by Stephen Gowans when I have agreed with it --  
perhaps I should have added something of my own, but it was in the spirit of 
a subject line I put on one of them -- "Surely this should be taken for 
granted by all Marxists". I have not read all of his writings, nor come 
across specifically Maoist items as yet. I would simply have snipped 
references to Trotskyism. But I agree with his defence of Zimbabwe, 
including from imperialist-funded organisations.

By the way, I did not see the offending URL


and I deplore and condemn its virulent anti-Trotskyism, which I did not 

I have learned a great deal from Marxmail, and enjoyed the comradely cyber 
friendship. I hope that continues.


Poor Daly

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