[Marxism] Now that I know...

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 4 05:19:16 MDT 2008

James Daly wrote:

>I have posted material by Stephen Gowans when I have agreed with it --
>perhaps I should have added something of my own, but it was in the spirit of
>a subject line I put on one of them -- "Surely this should be taken for
>granted by all Marxists". I have not read all of his writings, nor come
>across specifically Maoist items as yet. I would simply have snipped
>references to Trotskyism. But I agree with his defence of Zimbabwe,
>including from imperialist-funded organisations.

Well, you should be aware that this character has been libeling the 
left for quite some time now. He is highly provocative. He makes 
amalgams between George Soros and Patrick Bond on quite a regular 
basis. As somebody who has written critically about the demonization 
of Milosevic but who agrees with Patrick's analysis, I absolutely 
resent this line of attack. I would add that Patrick invited him to a 
public debate that he turned down. He doesn't even permit comments on 
his blog, nor does he participate in listserv's. I think that you are 
mesmerized by his nonsense because you haven't had a chance to hear 
it debated out in a forum like this.

Later this week I plan to write something on this kind of knee-jerk 
"anti-imperialism" that makes political bedfellows with Mugabe and 
other politicians who are inimical to Marxism. I do find it extremely 
troubling that you remain seduced by Gowans's writings while at the 
same time writing books on morality. I have worries all the time 
about being able to afford a home in New York. The idea of some cop 
coming along and busting down my house in the name of a campaign 
called  "Operation Murabatsvina", or operation garbage removal, makes 
my blood boil. Here's a debate on the subject that might give you 
pause to think a bit deeper beyond facile "anti-imperialism":


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