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Could you please send this to the Marxism list when you get a moment?

I think Joaquin misinterpreted a number of things because the point 
I was trying to make is one that Machetera's readers will be familiar
with...the Cubans made a point of NOT mistreating their captives,
even when they'd done horrible things, because as Fidel has said very
clearly, they could never have gained such widespread support if they

If someone comes out of the jungle after spending 6 or 7 years with
you (the Cubans wouldn't have held people that long either, but they
were victorious comparatively quickly, and logistics didn't allow for
carting lots of prisoners around with them) and still has nasty
things to say about you, then you are doing something WRONG. So in
that sense, Joaquin and I are in agreement and I'm not sure why he's
getting so worked up about it.

There is not enough evidence to say what stage the latest hostage
negotiations had reached, but it would be completely in character for
the Uribe/U.S. government to short circuit them with a "Hollywood-
style" commando interception.

That's why I suggested that someone fetch a newspaper for Betancourt
because her effusive praise for her liberators (which I did not and
still do not view as sharply pointed) might have been tempered a bit
had she had the whole story.

I think that may be giving her a lot of credit, but I'm not the one
coming out of 7 years in the jungle with people who weren't very nice
to me, and if I were, you can be sure that a full-on press conference
would be the last thing on my mind.


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