[Marxism] Marxism] Fidel on Marulanda, Ingrid Betancourt, and journalistic tasks

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Jul 4 09:03:33 MDT 2008

Walter submitted and Fidel Castro wrote:
Out of a basically humanist sentiment, we rejoiced at the news that
Ingrid Betancourt, three American citizens and other captives had
been released. The civilians should have never been kidnapped neither
should the militaries have been kept prisoners in the conditions of
the jungle. These were objectively cruel actions. No revolutionary
purpose could justify it. The time will come when the subjective
factors should be analyzed in depth.

We won our revolutionary war in Cuba by immediately releasing every
prisoner absolutely unconditionally. The soldiers and officers
captured in battle were released to the International Red Cross; we
only kept their weapons. No soldier will ever surrender if he thinks
he will be killed or subjected to cruel treatment.

We are watching with concern how the imperialists try to capitalize
on what happened in Colombia in order to hide and justify their
heinous crimes of genocide against other peoples. They want to
deflect international attention from their interventionist plans in
Venezuela and Bolivia and from the presence of the 4th Fleet in
support of the political line that intends to obliterate the
independence of the countries located south of the United States
while taking possession of their natural resources.

Fred comments:
This is a classic statement of views that Fidel has stated again and again,
beginning in the armed struggle in Cuba itself, but extending to the
struggle of the FALN in Venezuela in the 1960s, Grenada, and down to the
present. The position has never changed on this.

RELEASING THE HOSTAGES. Even though he makes clear that he understands and
condemns the reactionary purposes that guided the US action. 

The freedom of these hostages is treated as a positive development
unconditionally, regardless of who freed them or why. And in my view, that
is consistent with the NEED to draw Colombia -- whose masses basically face
the same problems as Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Paraguay --
into today's struggle and revolutionary process.

The FARC was already oriented toward releasing them? A leadership that has
made a wrong decision has to be able to correct it in a stroke of time.
Well, they were not politically strong enough to react immediately to their
own orientation. And they let others take the glory. Life is hard. 
Fred Feldman

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