[Marxism] Sandinistas split over revolution hymn

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Fri Jul 4 09:55:33 MDT 2008

Sandinistas split over revolution hymn
Sat Jun 14, 2008


MANAGUA, Nicaragua — A famous Nicaraguan revolutionary
singer-songwriter has asked the government to stop using his music.

Carlos Mejia Godoy, who penned the hymn of the ruling Sandinista
National Liberation Front, said in a letter published Saturday that
President Daniel Ortega and his staff are not authorized to use his
songs during government events.

He did not dispute the use of the party hymn he wrote, but he gave
government-supported television and radio outlets a week to stop using
a version he recorded.

Mejia Godoy is among several Sandinistas who formed a new party after
breaking with Ortega, who also served as Sandinista leader in the
1980s and fought U.S.-backed Contra rebels.

"I cannot allow songs inspired by the sacrifice of thousands of
Nicaraguan people to serve as a musical backdrop for ... the most
embarrassing tragicomedy in recent years," said Mejia Godoy, who ran
unsuccessfully for vice president in 2006 when Ortega won the

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