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Stage theory refers to notion of "progression" of capitalist development 
into socialist development, where the expansion of the capitalist mode of 
expropriation is supposed to resolve the problems of economic development, 
and underdevelopment, and needs to occur prior to the assumption of direct 
power by the working class.

The introduction of piecework rates, individual wage differentials based on 
"productivity"  as a preliminary stage leading to a more developed 
"egalitarianism" is not going to occur.  What will occur is stratification, 
differentiation, privilege.

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> "S. Artesian" wrote:
>> I would not agree about Cuba.  Stage theory has been obsolete since
> 1905, at
>> least.  The dynamics are simply that Cuba is, unfortunately, taking
> steps
>> backward.
> ^^^
> CB: These sentences contradict each other.  The notion of "taking steps
> backward" contains a stage theory implicitly, a stage/step theory.
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