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PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) #386  July 4, 2008 

The Israeli Public Committee Against Torture has released a  damning report 
on Israeli army brutality. It charges that Israeli soldiers abuse  Palestinian 
detainees who have been handcuffed and pose no threat. The abuse  continues 
from the time of arrest until the prisoners arrive at an interrogation  
The report, entitled "Manifestly Illegal," was based on 90  testimonies from 
detainees and soldiers who witnessed abuse from June 2006 to  October 2007.  
"The arrests go on all year and are carried out by many IDF  combat units," 
read the report. "The cases referred to here are just the tip of  the iceberg. 
The phenomenon is much wider, common and ongoing. It has become  especially 
severe over the past eight years."  
The report also accuses the army of failing to punish the  abusers, even 
though their conduct violates Article 65 of the Military Justice  Law, which 
mandates prison sentences of three to seven years for such crimes.  
The 48-page document is packed with testimony such as that of  Abdel Amariya 
, who told the committee, "My hands were cuffed behind my back and  my eyes 
were covered with a white tape. They dragged me so that I would get off  the 
truck when I couldn't see anything and they didn't warn me that the truck  was 
high off the ground and that I was approaching the edge. I fell to the  ground 
on my face and knees and they started kicking me in my back, stomach and  legs 
and punched me in the face."  
According to the report, soldiers sometimes use attack dogs to  frighten the 
detainees. They also abuse minors even though there are special  protections 
in Israeli and international law for those under 18 or, in some  cases, 16.  
According to the report, this type of abuse has been going on  for many years 
and the army has done little to stop it.  
The Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem conducted a  similar study for 
2005-2008. It said 49 percent of detainees are abused between  their arrest 
and transfer to an interrogation facility. Most such crimes go  unpunished.  
The widespread abuse of prisoners is just one part of Israel’s  larger crime –
its 40 year long, illegal occupation and theft of Palestinian  land.  
Amazingly, Israel often boasts that its army is "the most moral  in the 
Adapted from "NGO: Army still allowing abuse of  handcuffed Palestinians" by 
Dan Izenberg, published in the Jerusalem Post on  June 22, 2008. For full 
text, see:  
Distributed by PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish  Unity). 
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"The world is a dangerous place to live, not  because of the people who are 
evil, but because of the people who don't do  anything about it." - Albert  

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