[Marxism] Bush, McCain, Obama Draw a Blood-Red Line on Iran

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Fri Jul 4 22:00:34 MDT 2008

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Thursday, 03 July 2008 
The development of a nuclear weapon by Iran  is the great, glowing, neon "red 
line" of American politics today, one  that every single major player in the 
American power structure says cannot be crossed. An ironclad  bipartisan 
consensus has formed on the issue: Iran will not be allowed to develop a nuclear  
weapon. Period. End of discussion. "All options are on the table" to  prevent 
this from happening, George Bush has repeatedly declared, with  John McCain 
singing along. Meanwhile, Barack Obama has hammered home the  point _even more  
(http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080604/pl_nm/usa_politics_obama_iran_dc) : "I will do everything in my power to  prevent Iran from obtaining a 
nuclear weapon, everything in my power to  prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear 
weapon -- everything."

"Everything" in a president's power includes  the largest military machine in 
human history and the largest nuclear  arsenal on earth, so this is not 
exactly an idle boast. In fact, the  American bipartisan political consensus on 
Iran amounts to precisely this:  putting a gun to someone's head and saying, "If 
you don't do what I want,  I'm going to blow your goddamn brains out." 

This Bush-McCain-Obama line was underscored  this week by one of Obama's top 
foreign policy advisers, Anthony Lake, who  said "the prospect of a 
nuclear-armed Iran is the biggest threat facing  the world," the _Financial Times  
reports_ (http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/039d5b8a-47b2-11dd-93ca-000077b07658.html) .  

Think of that: the biggest threat facing the world. Bigger  than global 
climate change. Bigger than poverty and disease. Bigger than  growing conflicts 
over shrinking resources. Bigger than terrorism (which  was the last greatest 
biggest threat facing the world). Bigger than  organized crime. Bigger than the 
Terror War operations in Iraq and  Afghanistan and Somalia, which continue to 
spawn so much death, ruin,  extremism and economic turmoil. Bigger than all of 
these -- and all other  threats facing the world -- is the prospect that Iran 
might, in Lake's  words, "get on the edge of developing a nuclear  weapon."
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