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> I invite him to explain John Brown, Fra Dolcino, or Nat Turner using the above as a guideline.  Incidentally I do NOT invite him to  rattle off how these individuals were Stalinoid or any such inanities.

"But the reader might wonder why Brown attracted so few black men to
his Harpers Ferry raid and, devastatingly enough, failed to give the
local slaves a heads-up in the weeks before.

[...] His credentials as a feminist are undermined by the fact that he
inflicted 20 births on two sequential wives, the first of whom was
mentally unstable. There is disappointingly little here about Mary
Brown, the stolid second wife who ran the farm and raised the children
while her husband raided Kansas and swanned around New England's
abolitionist circles. Did she get to travel to the suffrage lectures
with him? I tend to doubt it. "

-- <http://www.nytimes.com/2005/04/17/books/review/17EHRENRE.html?pagewanted=2&sq=>

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