[Marxism] Joaquin Bustelo on FARC

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 22:56:48 MDT 2008

Like most recent black scholars, I think that John Brown clearly did
attract slaves to his raid.  After its collapse, they survived by
claiming to have been hostages and none of the raiders were going to
contradict that and get them executed.  The idea that blacks did not
join Brown flattered the happy slave image the South wanted to

Btw, I have a book on the way to press with the University of Illinois
Press touching on this subject. RACE AND RADICALISM IN THE UNION ARMY
essentially gives a new view of John Brown and his men, the subject
here being those who remained in the West and, with the Civil War,
built a tri-racial army of Indians, blacks and whites.  I'll pass on
the information when it's ready.


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