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Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Sat Jul 5 02:17:39 MDT 2008

Guten Tag Louis Proyect,

am Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2008 um 14:50 schrieben Sie:

> Lüko Willms wrote:
>>   The real conflict here is between the people of Zimbabwe -- the
>>   whole nation, all classes -- and Imperialism which tries to put the
>>   African nations again under its heel.

> Such an approach would have led to blind support for the Spanish Popular
> Front government against the "splitters and wreckers" of the POUM and 
> the even more truculent Trotskyist movement.

> Odd that Luko and Nestor, two comrades who had some connections with
> Leon Trotsky's ideas at some point in their lives, seen intent on 
> excavating the corpse of the Stalintern at this point in history and 
> applying rouge to its rotting face.

  If it weren't you who wrote that, the moderator of this mailing list
  would seriously slap your fingers, maybe even unsubb you.

  One could read your above statement as an adoption of the stalinist
  slanders against the POUM et al. in the Spanish civil war. But to
  the difference to Morgan Tsvangirai, the POUM has not called on the
  Franco Fascists to enter in negotiations with selected forces of the
  republican camp, and take a decisive influence on who should lead
  the republican government. George Orwell has disected and done away
  with completely with all those slanders in a full chapter of his
  "Homage to Catalunya" (which is the real reason why the stalinists
  hate Orwell, not his later bestsellers and personal failings).

  The revolutionary opposition to the Republican government in the
  Spanish Civil War (I don't speak for the POUM, but for my thinking),
  as to Saddam Hussein, as to the Argentine bloody Junta would be to
  denounce their failings in fighting the imperialist resp. fascist
  enemy. In Spain, one of the first measures to take would have been
  the immediate and unconditional renounciation of any power of the
  Spanish colonies (remember: Franco started his struggle from
  Morocco), and to implement other measures which enable a larger
  mobilisation for the war effort and which increase the
  identification with the republic, like a land reform, workers
  control in the factories etc. Remember that Trotsky said that the
  civil war defending the Russian Revolution was largely won by
  political means, which allowed the peasants to make their own
  experiences with the Bloshevik-led "Red" revolution protecting the
  peasants hold on their plot of land, and the "White"
  counterrevolution handing the land back to the large landowners.

  In Zimbabwe the question is not Mugabe or the ZANU-PF, but defending
  the country against imperialist intervention. The stand on allowing
  the former colonial masters (and their competitors) to take a
  decisive say over the country is the litmus test for

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