[Marxism] XXX YYY on FARC

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Sat Jul 5 05:29:12 MDT 2008

Joaquin doesn't need others like myself to defend his position, but I  
would like to point out that he is in pretty good company here.  
Fidel, Chavez, and Correa have all publicly congratulated Colombia on  
the release of the hostages, and Fidel chided the FARC for its long- 
term policy of kidnapping hostages, especially civilians.

Steve Houston may not believe in morality, but suffice to say that  
any revolutionary army worth its salt has a revolutionary ethic with  
a humanitarian basis, otherwise it would not have mass support. THAT  
is the most important strategic and tactical consideration. Witness  
the FARC's total lack of support among the civilian population and do  
the math.

Mr. Houston has obviously never personally been involved in a  
revolutionary situation.

Even the FMLN, which some on this list have regarded as fairly  
retrograde due to fatal internal power struggles, released prisoners  
directly to the Red Cross. They never took hostages.

Greg McDonald 

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