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Charles Brown asked in response to my comment that "It was Lenin who said there were two 'stages', and that there was
the 'socialist principle' of to each according to her contribution.": 
> CB: Where'd he say that ? Of course, Lenin was dealing with socialism 
> in practice, not in theory like Marx. And as Engels said, Marxism is 
> not a dogma , but a guide to action.
Take a look at 'State and Revolution'--written before the Revolution. Yes, unfortunately some [no names] people
do treat Marxism as a dogma.

He also said in response to my comment that "Marx did not distinguish between a socialist society and a communist

society; rather, he referred to a single society in the process of 'becoming':
> CB: And as has been said many times, he referred to a "higher phase",
> thus distinguishing between phases. Giving the phases names is not the
> critical analytical step. Distinguishing the phases is.
It isn't an issue of 'names' at all. Rather, it is one of understanding the [yes] dialectical process of the becoming of
an organic system set out clearly by Marx in the Grundrisse and then illustrated in Vol. I of Capital. If you think systems
develop in phases/stages, why not illustrate that by reference to those in capitalism? And not by reference to to the 
development of a mode of production adequate to the nature of capitalist relations; rather, with separate 'principles' that
apply to each. 

In response to my comment about the 'defect' that Marx explicitly identified in communism as it first emerges infected
by capitalism that 'In fact, it is essential to struggle to subordinate this defect--- something that Che clearly
understood', Charles stated:
> ^^^^
> CB: Although, nowhere did _Marx_ say "it is essential to struggle to
> subordinate this defect", either.
Boy, you got me there!!
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