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But that's the whole point: wages are not and can't be based on creating 
"real wealth."  Wages are based on exchange value and that's not "real 
wealth," that's a class-specific wealth.  You cannot have communism, where 
wealth is directly social, determined by social consciousness,  and 
wage-labor.  You can have wage-labor as a revolution consolidates itself; 
you can have wages  as an interim measure.  But you cannot have a wage 
system creating "real wealth,"  when in fact, "real wealth" will be 
determined in and by the world markets.

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>>  S. Artesian wrote:
>>> Nowhere in my reading of Marx did I find reference to a "to each
>>> according
>>> to his or her work."
> In the Grundrisse, Marx emphasizes that "the creation of real wealth
> ... is itself out of all proportion to the direct labor time spent on
> their production". (This is part of the famous passage about "The
> General Intellect" in the Grundrisse.)
> So if wages are to be a reward for creating "real wealth", then it
> does not make sense to pay the same wage for every unit of labor-time,
> but rather, pay according to the real wealth being created per unit of
> labor time.
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