[Marxism] REBELION: The FARC had Already Expressed Willingness to Liberate the Hostages

Jay Moore pieinsky at igc.org
Sat Jul 5 15:37:44 MDT 2008

Without taking a position one way or another, "Monthly Review" had a 
recent interview (probably available online) with one of the main FARC 
spokespersons in which he was asked about the whole kidnapping business 
-- asked rather critically although the interview was generally 
sympathetic.  The spokesperson had an interesting  frank response, 
basically justifying it in terms of a "revolutionary tax" on the 
bourgeoisie, whom he claimed anyhow were the targets, not ordinary 
Colombian people.  He said, in effect, that if the Revolution were in 
power these people (many of whom evade taxes as it is) would have to pay 
something similar or face legal sanctions.


Joaquín Bustelo wrote:
> Fine: just what is the "absolute necessity" of the FARC kidnapping
> 7000 people over the years and releasing most of them upon monetary
> payments? What was the "absolute necessity" of kidnapping Ingrid
> Betancourt? Guaranteeing American sock-puppet Uribe's election?
> Joaquin

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