[Marxism] Healthcare Follies

Jon Flanders jonflanders at jflan.net
Sun Jul 6 05:00:00 MDT 2008

I just read Michael's paper and think it a very good riposte to the free

Since these folks are much like religious fanatics I doubt he will
change many minds at the conference, however.

Fortunately, in my experience, most working people, even quite
conservative ones, are almost communist on this question. They are far
ahead of the Democrat's position on health care, that's for sure.

Jon Flanders

On Sat, 2008-07-05 at 16:44 -0700, Michael Perelman wrote:
> The link is now fixed.
> http://michaelperelman.wordpress.com/2008/07/05/healthcare-follieshealthcare-follies/
> Gary, in the US, at least, people in the humanities [outside of middle east studies] 
> have not been censored as much, although I suspect that the noose is tightening 
> there as well.

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