[Marxism] Is Obama's shift to the right meant to lower expectations?

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Sun Jul 6 08:43:40 MDT 2008

Daniel DiMaggio writes:

> My question is this: Is this a conscious strategy pursued by the U.S.
> ruling
> class, who fear that Obama's campaign has raised expectations too high,
> and
> want him to use the time between now and November to dampen expectations?

> [...]

> Or is it more that Obama is following a primarily electoral strategy
> dictated by the DLC of trying to win over swing voters to insure victory
> and
> help the Democrats win more Congressional seats? (We've all seen how well
> this worked for Kerry and Gore and the Democrats in general ...)
The latter. The US ruling class is concerned about raised expectations only
insofar as they're expressed in organized form. Otherwise, individual
expectations quickly dissipate. There's been critical commentary from
liberal journalists like Huffington and Krugman and, except for some parts
of the Democratic party base, there's no evidence of collective and
coherent opposition to the course laid out by the Obama campaign.

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