[Marxism] Letter to Desmond Tutu concerning President Robert Mugabe

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 6 14:29:53 MDT 2008

Walter wrote:
>In fact, we're seeing today that South African blacks are just as 
>normal as anyone else in being able to express racist hate for other 
>blacks, if they happen to be undocumented immigrants from other 
>countries on the continent. This is sad, but it's a sign that black 
>majority rule, while a giant step forward, is still far from 
>sufficient to build a qualitatively new society. For that a 
>socialist revolution would be necessary.

Not only does Walter the Los Angeles Dodger evade the points I made 
about Kerala, Ghana and Tanzania, he now makes a scapegoat out of 
South African workers while allowing the corrupt ANC bourgeoisie off the hook.


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