[Marxism] Why Nader matters: An Opportunity to Open Presidential Debates

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Sun Jul 6 19:10:33 MDT 2008

An Opportunity to Open Presidential Debates
posted by John Nichols on 07/06/2008 @ 3:09pm

The latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey of registered
voters nationwide puts Democrat Barack Obama at 46 percent.

Republican John McCain pulls 44 percent.

Is everyone else undecided? No.

A striking six percent of Americans who are likely to vote this fall
back an alternative candidate: Independent Ralph Nader.

Another three percent back Libertarian Bob Barr.

Those are some of the highest percentages in years for independent
or-third-party candidates. And they matter, especially Nader's six

Google and YouTube are organizing a unique presidential forum in New
Orleans for September 18. It is likely to be the first debate (or
debate-like "event") after the major-party nominating conventions are

A candidate polling at 10 percent in national polls -- just four
points ahead of where Nader is now at -- earns a place in the forum.

As Nader's campaign says: "If we get on the Google sponsored debates,
we're convinced Nader/Gonzalez will move toward 20 percent.

"At twenty percent, people see a three way race.

"When people see a three way race, everything is possible.


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