[Marxism] Obama Fisa

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 6 21:38:58 MDT 2008

>The FISA capitulation was not a concession to the telecom companies but to
>reactionary American public opinion.

I know of no evidence that the American public is happy to be spied upon 
secretly. If anything, the non "political junkie" American public knows little 
or nothing about the FISA bill, so the idea that this is a concession to public 
opinion seems completely off base. I doubt this issue is in the top 20 of issues 
that concern the public.

If Obama were inclined to make concessions to American public opinion, he might 
actually be for a rapid withdrawal from Iraq (or any withdrawal, for that 
matter). He might support impeachment, which is supported by a majority of the 
American public.

Obama's concessions are made to the ruling class (to the extent that he actually 
is making concessions, as opposed to people coming to understand what he has 
stood for all along, as in Iraq).

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