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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 7 00:05:34 MDT 2008

Which is it: no evidence the US public is happy to be spied on, or,
on the other hand, it's not in the top 20 issues to the U.S. public.

Obama is a capitalist politician who has the vote to his left still
more or less in his pocket, and now is trying to broaden his base by
moving to the right. He can only move so far to the right or he will
have to worry about losing people to his left. So far, that's not a
significant worry, but time will tell if it later on becomes one.

So far, there has been little public opposition to all of the actions
by the government to take away what few democratic rights remain here.
First of all, there's little public information or news reports about
these changes, and second, most people have shown a quite regrettable 
willingness to give up their rights "in the name of the struggle vs.
terrorism" as anyone who's gotten on an airplane in recent years can
easily testify.

Walter Lippmann
Olympia, Washington
I know of no evidence that the American public is happy to be spied
upon secretly. If anything, the non "political junkie" American
public knows little or nothing about the FISA bill, so the idea that
this is a concession to public opinion seems completely off base. 
I doubt this issue is in the top 20 of issues that concern the public.

If Obama were inclined to make concessions to American public
opinion, he might actually be for a rapid withdrawal from Iraq (or
any withdrawal, for that matter). He might support impeachment, which
is supported by a majority of the American public.


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