[Marxism] Rescuing Lenin from Leninists

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 7 10:10:33 MDT 2008

Well Chegitz, (your real name? where would we be without a sense of humor? I 
mean Guevara I can believe, but Chegitz?), if that were the way forward, 
then I cannot understand why the revolution didn't conquer long ago, and why 
there is so little brand name recognition of the Socialist Party, or 
socialism period .

I think you are missing the point, and the point is not about votes, or even 
spreading the message.  The point is how do you develop a class alternative 
to the ruling class' political organizations?

Now if there's a candidate out there who stands opposed to those political 
organizations, opposes the war/wars executed by those organizations, 
demonstrates independence from the power of corporate private property, who 
actually addresses in program substantive issues of equality, defense of the 
poor, and that candidate attracts 6% of the electorate, that seems to be a 
much bigger audience than you or the SP is attracting among the same 
population with the very same potential to move towards a class based 
opposition to corporate private property and embrace socialism... so there 
is a compelling tactical argument for supporting that candidate over the 
candidate of the SP.

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From: "chegitz guevara" <absynthe at gmail.com>
> I don't care if I don't get a single vote (well, it would be something
> of a blow to the ego). That's not the point. Since making my candidacy
> official, I've been invited to attend the Florida AFL-CIO convention.
> Various groups have called, emailed, or sent letters to get my
> opinion. People come to me to find out what socialism is all about. If
> none of that happened, it would be a complete and utter waste of my
> time. I'm not going to get elected. I'm not even going to cause Debbie
> Wasserman Schultz to lose to the Republican candidate. I have won some
> people over to the socialist movement. Right now, while writing this
> very post, I received a call to set up an interview. That's the point.

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