[Marxism] Rescuing Lenin from Leninists

chegitz guevara absynthe at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 10:47:42 MDT 2008

chegitz guevara is my nom de plume, and old joke between me and some
of my old comrades. My real life name is on my campaign website:

The flaw in your argument is that you assume that running candidates
is the Socialist Party's raison d'etre. As with the other socialist
parties running candidates, it is a supplemental activity. We are
primarily activist organizations. If we had to give up one or the
other, we'd stop running candidates, but we can do both, so we do do

No one in my organization, and it's safe to say for SEP, SWP, and PSL,
thinks that running candidates will bring about the revolution, any
more than Lenin did when he urged the Bolsheviks to compete for
elections in the Duma. Election time affords us a platform to take our
message to a wider audience. The question isn't why do so many
socialist groups run candidates, but rather, why so few do?

On your assumption that the electoral arena will allow us to develop
an alternative to the ruling class' political organizations, you are
as deluded as you assume me to be. I, at least, have the awareness
that I'm not gonna win nor shake the very foundations of the property
system by my campaign. You and others seem to think that if only
enough socialists would support Nader or McKinney, that we could
destroy the Democrats. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As I've repeatedly pointed out, the moment that the Greens could be an
actual threat to the ruling class, the ruling class will take control
of it . . . or crush it. The Greens are not committed to replacing the
class system, thus they present no class alternative. They may not be
part of the ruling class, but they serve it nonetheless. They do not
challenge private property or the wage system. They do not challenge
the market. They do not champion the right to rule of working class.
They seek to maintain capitalism, even if they seek to ameliorate some
of its worst aspects. They aren't even a social democratic party,
which at least pays lip service to socialism. No, they are a
capitalist party, they serve capitalism, and if they have no corporate
masters, it is only because capitalism has no other use for them at
the moment but to funnel support *away* from socialism.

The only alternative the Greens represent is an alternative to socialism.

your comrade,

chegitz guevara

On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 12:10 PM, S. Artesian <sartesian at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Well Chegitz, (your real name? where would we be without a sense of humor? I
> mean Guevara I can believe, but Chegitz?), if that were the way forward,
> then I cannot understand why the revolution didn't conquer long ago, and why
> there is so little brand name recognition of the Socialist Party, or
> socialism period .
> I think you are missing the point, and the point is not about votes, or even
> spreading the message.  The point is how do you develop a class alternative
> to the ruling class' political organizations?
> Now if there's a candidate out there who stands opposed to those political
> organizations, opposes the war/wars executed by those organizations,
> demonstrates independence from the power of corporate private property, who
> actually addresses in program substantive issues of equality, defense of the
> poor, and that candidate attracts 6% of the electorate, that seems to be a
> much bigger audience than you or the SP is attracting among the same
> population with the very same potential to move towards a class based
> opposition to corporate private property and embrace socialism... so there
> is a compelling tactical argument for supporting that candidate over the
> candidate of the SP.

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