[Marxism] Nader's campaign and the call for a pure socialist vote

Pance Stojkovski pance at rogers.com
Mon Jul 7 12:09:42 MDT 2008

--- chegitz guevara wrote:
> Since that's the case, then the only point for
> socialists to participate in electoral politics 
> is to use it to spread the socialist
> message. That's what we're doing, even if only in a
> tiny, minute way.
> your comrade,
> chegitz guevara

chegitz, don't let these old timers take the wind from
your sails. what we need is more socialist doing and
less "socialist theorizing". Don't get me wrong, I'm
not against theory, but sooner or later, you have to
put it to practice. I love your signature. Go for it.


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