[Marxism] A massive blow to Counterpunch's credibility

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 16:55:55 MDT 2008

A Counterpunch article Louis presented to the list says, in part,

The story entitled "There was no such rescue but a media 'show'" that
appeared in today's Diario Vea was drawn from the work of Bolivarian
Press Agency writer Narciso Isa Conde and the Popular News Agency of
Venezuela. According to the article the Colombian Revolutionary Armed
Forces (FARC) had agreed to turn over Ingrid Betancourt and the other
hostages to Swiss and French negotiators who agreed to arrange to pick
up the hostages from various locations in two helicopters. The Colombian
military got wind of the upcoming release and took control of the
helicopters. The collusion of the U.S. in the media spin, while yet to
be proven, is quite likely, especially since McCain just "happened" to
be in the neighborhood and would be able to take the spotlight in a
crassly opportunistic attempt to boost his pathetic presidential campaign.

And so the "rescue" ironically turned out to be a hostage taking in
reverse in which the FARC's goodwill gesture was blindsided for the
glorification the paramilitary, drug-dealing President Uribe and his
friend, John McCain, as the armed forces of Colombia seized two civilian
helicopters full of prisoners, who had, in fact, been released, and not

*  *  *

Counterpunch has dealt itself another massive blow to its credibility
by offering this "What Really Happened in Colombia" fairy tale about
the hostages having been really released by the FARC and their
"rescue" being a media propaganda show, and which was referred to the
list by Louis.

There simply is no evidence for this version of events, NONE
whatsoever; moreover, the evidence that goes counter to it is

The clearest and most unambiguous evidence is quite simply that the
FARC themselves do not claim that is what "really" happened.

Neither do Switzerland and/or France who, or so it is claimed, had
succeeded in winning the hostage release from the FARC. If what the
article claimed had really happened, that Colombian commandos
commandeered the helicopters sent by Switzerland and France, does
anyone doubt the Swiss and the French would have cried bloody murder?
It needlessly put at risk the lies of the hostages whose release has
been obtained, would have destroyed those two country's credibility as

Neither do the hostages suggest this is what "really" happened. If
what the FARC was doing was releasing them to international
intermediaries, there was simply no reason to keep this from them nor
to handcuff them before boarding the helicopter. The testimony by the
freed hostages is unanimous and completely incompatible with
Counterpunch's version.

The video made by the Colombian government of the events, while
obviously tendentious in its intentions, filming and editing, confirms
what every one of the hostages has said in countless hours of TV and
radio comments and interviews.

The editors of Counterpunch were massively irresponsible in allowing
such brain-dead apologetics for the FARC to appear under their


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