[Marxism] Fuel price hike to throw 15.7 million more Indonesians into poverty

PPZ ppz at optusnet.com.au
Mon Jul 7 18:54:07 MDT 2008

Statement by National Front of Indonesian Labour Struggle (FNPBI): The
SBY-JK government latest fuel price increase has led to a rise in
transportation cost and prices of basic goods - even while indicators of
people's welfare, such as income levels and purchasing power, are
declining. According to some economic analysts, the 30% fuel price rise
will increase inflation rate from 8.33% to 10.6%. The Institute of Study
for Mining and Energy Reform predicted that the 30% fuel price increase
will probably throw 15.68 million Indonesians into poverty.

More: http://www.asia-pacific-action.org/node/88

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