[Marxism] A massive blow to Counterpunch's credibility

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 20:02:33 MDT 2008

I tend to agree with Joaquin on this one. The story doesn't make much sense
to me at all.

I'd be open to serious evidence being provided, but short of that it is
dangerous to go around spreading and believing conspiracy theories - if only
because it doesn't actually change much fundamental anyway.

Betancourt is free, Uribe is taking the credit, this will be used to
strengthen imperialism's hand in the region.

BUT this is not the full story, Betancourt could have been freed last year
through an exchange of prisoners between the FARC and the Colombian state
had Uribe not uniliaterlly ended the negotiations process. Such negotiations
could have been the beginning of a serious peace process to end the four
decades of civil war. It is possibler, though we wil;l never know, that
Betancourt could have even been released unilaterally by the FARC. We will
never know because Colombia murdered the FARC's negotiator over Betancourt
on March 1.

On the question of the FARC, Fidel Castro's comments have been very sharp
and worth reading. It is a great example of how a revolutionary approaches


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