[Marxism] The painter and the gangsters

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jul 8 07:19:56 MDT 2008

The Moore College of Art and Design has been trying to crush its faculty 
for two decades. Since 1990, when it employed mostly tenure-stream 
faculty, it has been converted into an academic Wal-mart, with 31 
full-timers on contracts and 70 adjuncts, draconian violations of shared 
governance and academic freedom norms, including a code prohibiting 
artists (!) from “doing anything that might negatively reflect on the 
college,” and, AFT alleges, a history of interfering with the union’s 
elections and bargaining.

When Steve Sherman, a popular faculty member of 20 years’ standing with 
glowing evaluations took the helm of the Moore Federation of Teachers in 
2005, he opposed the vocationalization of the curriculum and, according 
to the AFT Free Exchange blog, became “a fierce advocate for the rights 
of adjunct faculty to receive pay and benefits commensurate with their 
full-time colleagues, and a champion of the faculty’s role in college 

full: http://howtheuniversityworks.com/wordpress/archives/124

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