[Marxism] Offensive opened against progressives in Haiti

Greg Dunkel gdunkel at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 8 09:40:05 MDT 2008

I think this is a very significant attack on progressives in Haiti.  I haven't seen anything from Haiti-Progres or the PPN in English or French.

If it's in English, I will pass it on;  if it's in French, I will translate and pass it on.



July 8th, 2008
Two PPN Militants Tragically Lynched in St. Raphael

By: Kim Ives - Haiti Liberté

On June 26, an angry mob in the mountains near the northern town of St. Raphael attacked and killed two leading militants of the National Popular Party (PPN), mistaking them for thieves who had robbed a bank in the town earlier that day. One of the men was killed at the scene where the mob found them; the other died two days later in a hospital in the nearby city Cap Haitien.

Prad Rémy Jean Vernet, known as Ped, was the administrator of Haiti Progres newspaper and Adrien Michel was the paper's Northern correspondent. Both men were also members of PPN's Political Bureau. They had been in St. Raphael, according to a PPN press release, to mobilize support for the party's candidates in upcoming Senate elections, the schedule for which the Provisional Electoral Council has yet to announce.

Six armed thieves, known in Haiti as "zenglendo," had robbed a small cooperative bank, the "Fraternité Caisse Populaire" (Brotherhood Popular Credit Union), in St. Raphael around noon, making off with about 70,000 gourdes (about US$1800), according to Radio Kiskeya's . The local police gave chase but the thieves fired on them, causing them to break off their pursuit. The thieves headed into the mountains.


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