[Marxism] New clashes in Lebanon

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 01:48:58 MDT 2008

At least two people have died and another 32 have been wounded in clashes
between the pro-government Bab al-Tabbaneh and pro-opposition Jabal Mohsen
districts late on Tuesday and intensified on Wednesday morning in Tripoli,
the northern Lebanese city.

The fact that Hezbollah is ready to enter a coalition government led by
Seniora backed by imperialism does not change the real issues on the ground.

The road separating the two districts was the site of fighting two weeks ago
that left nine dead and 45 injured. Fighting in May in different parts of
Lebanon had raised the  possibility of  a new civil war. The battles in
Tripoli two weeks ago was the worst violence seen since that time


Lebanon's economy has been in crisis for a long time. The working class and
the poor blame and rightly so Seniora who represents the capitalist class
acting as a whip of the world Bank and the IMF. There is no solution to the
problems of Lebanon within existing  political  structure and the
imperialist order. By joining the pro Western government the  real class
conflict do not disappear but   simply emerge in forms of military clashes
that can lead to a new civil war.

Any way you look at it without a revolutionary party  of the most
consciousness workers that can unite the working class  across  religion
sectarianism and over throw the capitalist state and replace it by a workers
state, the danger is of another bloody civil war without any resolutions of
 the problems.

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