[Marxism] More on Colombia

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Wed Jul 9 05:41:00 MDT 2008

As usual, Petras goes a bit too far. In his critique of Fidel's  
position on the FARC and their kidnapping, Petras claims that Fidel  
underplays the murderous aspect of the Uribe regime, blames it all on  
US imperialism, and even conflates Fidel's judicious plea for the  
FARC to turn over the remaining hostages as somehow invoking the  
liquidation of the FARC. He's a bit hyperbolic on the issue, IMHO.

One could argue just the opposite. By saying that the FARC should  
turn over the hostages but not lay down their arms, Fidel invokes  
precisely the fact of the murderous aspect of the Colombian death  
squad regime. They would not survive the peace, Fidel says.  Did  
Petras not read Fidel's letter?

Moreover, Petras wants the FARC to keep the hostages and use them as  
bargaining chips in exchange for FARC prisoners held by Uribe.  To do  
so would be political suicide at this point, but the FARC will no  
doubt keep the remaining hostages, thinking that to turn them over  
now would be a sign of weakness. Personally, I think that keeping  
large numbers of hostages rather exposes them militarily to attack.  
We've already seen THAT with Reyes. So I advocate for hostage release  
both on strategic and tactical grounds.

It would turn the tables and place the onus on Uribe to respond in kind.

Greg McD

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