[Marxism] Trawling the oceans to exhaustion

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Wed Jul 9 13:50:06 MDT 2008

Mike Friedman asks:

> So, how do *you* suggest we get to a global demographic transition?

My answer:

The demographic transition is only one of many things that need to be
achieved.  We need an overwhelming mass movement, and we will get one
because people are waking up to the emergency and they are ready to
act.  I will not scare them with socialist slogans, but the capitalist
reforms made necessary by the environmental catastrophe are in essence
socialist.  I am just writing a leaflet to be distributed at one of
the local move-on actions today.  Move-On promises that Obama will
bring down gas prices, but McCain, with his oil connections, will keep
them high.  Here is my response:

High Priced Gas Here to Stay
Global Warming Go Away

Whether the President is Democrat or Republican, gasoline prices will
never go down again.  Natural gas and electricity will become more
expensive too.

The culprit is not some oil conspiracy but Global Warming.  Because of
greenhouse gasses, all fossil fuels must be phased out and replaced by
renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass).

We need to change to a lifestyle which consumes less stuff
and puts more emphasis on free time, education, culture and

We need to live in well-insulated homes in high-density neighborhoods
with convenient and cheap mass transit.

We need to have fewer children.

We need to share our resources.  Everybody must have access to health
care.  Wars over oil must be replaced by world-wide co-operation to
curb greenhouse gasses.

If we don't do these things, living conditions in 2050 will be worse
than the Middle Ages.

How Can we Get There?

Nobody can win an election by openly saying what is required.
Therefore, after you have screwed in the compact fluorescent bulbs,
minimized car trips, recycled, etc., the next important thing is that
you inform yourself and become active.  A well informed mass movement
is necessary to create the space for our elected representatives to do
the right thing.

Environmental Justice must be a top priority.  We will not tolerate
shifting the costs of these profound changes to those who cannot
afford them.  Therefore

o Carbon tax with 100 percent dividend, i.e., the polluters have to
pay all citizens equally for their pollution.  This allows
the ordinary people to pay for the higher energy prices, to insulate
their homes, etc.

o Moratorium on new coal-fired power plants without carbon sequestration.

o If you put solar panels on your roof or a windmill on your land,
the utility must buy the electricity
from you at a price which makes this a worth while investment.

o Free fares at UTA for those who sacrifice their time and convenience
for our clean air.

Although global warming is not a partisan issue, some traditional
left-wing issues gain more urgency because of the Global Warming

o US out of Iraq now.  A world wide co-operative effort is needed to get
away from fossil fuels.
Instead of military expenses we need public investment into the development
of clean technologies.  US must become the green technology leader.

o Single-payer healthcare for all.  Great changes are coming and we need
a better safety net.

Then some local announcements.

I'd love to get feedback from all the experts at the marxism list.
Do you think this is the right approach?


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