[Marxism] Petras' criticism of Fidel

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Thu Jul 10 09:40:34 MDT 2008

Joaquin Bustelo wrote:

<But also a factor in all this is the political difference I mentioned
to begin with. Fidel stresses that for decades Cuba's "line" on
Colombia has been to search for peace. Why? because only on this basis
can Colombia begin to fight against and resist more effectively
imperialist penetration and domination. The picture he presents of
Colombia is that of a country torn apart by drug lords, oligarchs,
rival political factions and so on, and thus the easiest of prey for
the imperialists. All this seems to go above Petras's head.>

When I was a graduate student I recall reading texts on latin  
american history which stressed the historically weak nature of the  
Colombian central state in general, and especially vis-a-vis the USA,  
going back to the partitioning of Panama from Colombia  in order  to  
facilitate construction of  the canal. This has what has led to the  
survival of FARC in rural zones uncontrolled by the Colombian  
military, as well as to the flourishing of other elements mentioned,  
such as drug lords and paramilitaries under the control of regional  
big landowners, something which Anthony Boynton has alluded to in his  
posts on Colombia as well.

Greg McD

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